About Pinoytips

Sun, Jul 9, 2017 | 1 minutes to read | Posted by: chered

PinoyTips will be a collection of tips to help fellow pinoys on various topics. Initially it will contain tips for web development, technology and internet.

Well it’s about time I dedicate a website just for blogs. I’ve been pretty much juggling as to when I will do it. Anyway this is a challenge for me to keep on updating this blog website. Pretty much been into web development since 2008 doing simple joomla websites and a bit on wordpress. Then I stumbled into Drupal as I want to build classified ads website looking for content construction kit CMS. Since 2013, I’ve been a full-pledged Web Developer doing drupal initially in a drupal shop and ended up as a homebased developer.

Eventually I end up working as a homebased web developer doing now Drupal and Wordpress. Working at home got perks like after work I will play with my kids or I can go out anytime. I want this blog to be a collection of what my struggles and also solutions to the problems I encountered. I’m also considering to post here not only tech related but other stuff as well.

So thanks and enjoy reading my blog…