Tips on Starting as a Freelancer

Category: Freelancing

Who wants to be work in their own time and be your own boss?

Most people would really like to go on that kind of work. But if you ask this question especially those people who are employed in a company , a lot of them will hesitate and could not give a “YES” answer.

Wordpress Website Speed Tips

Category: Websites

How to improve your wordpress website speed?

Which Web Technology For Client?

Category: Websites

If you are a web developer and you know a lot of web technologies to build a website, what web technology will you use?

List of Website references

Category: Link References, Websites

Here is a list of website references that can help you in building your website. This list consists of website links ranging from css, royalty free graphics, template themer, free fonts, placeholder images, web unique codes that are collected.

Why You Need A Professional To Build Your Website?

Category: Websites

If you already decided that you need a website, next question would be, will you build yourself or let somebody build for you? Right now, there are lots of free or open-sourced software, free website building applications such as the likes of Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. These are easy to build with a gui, drag and drop functionality built into it. Although it’s easy to build using those sites, it is not very flexible and you will find it hard to customize if you want to add other features later.

Why freelancing?

Category: Freelancing

There is a new economy on the rise. It’s called Freelancing.

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